Feng Shui services and costs

A typical consultation will usually consist of the following:

  • Dowsing for and healing Geopathic Stress (Harmful radiation from the earth’s frequencies)
  • Assess the readings of Electrical \ Magnetic Fields and Microwaves within the home / business using professional meters.
  • Recommendations to minimise the effects of these frequencies on the health if identified,.
  • Clutter clearing to unblock stuck energy – understanding the clutter to release the stuckness in your life and allow flow, movement and progress.
  • 9 Star Ki Astrology – to help you with personal self knowledge, understanding yourself and your family members or significant people in a business, to enhance the positive traits and temper the negative traits if you so wish.
  • Compatibility with significant others in your life.
  • Advise on the most beneficial times to make major changes.
  • Looking at the flow of energy within the home and making recommendations for improved change.
  • The laying of the Bagua to show life areas within the home and what you can do to improve those areas of your life.
  • Yearly corrections to minimise the planetary changes and effects.

Additional services:

Space clearing: 
A method of cleansing the home from predecessor chi (energy) and lifting the energy making the home your own filling it with your positive wishes.

Selling your home? 
If your home is not selling, chances are that there is something preventing it’s sale.

Buying a new home? 
Would you like it checking out from a Feng Shui perspective before you purchase?


My hourly rates are £49 per hour.
Alternatively a full consultation starts at £349 (depending on the size of the home or business).